Rainova final conference announced on 11 December 2014

Rainova final conference announced on 11 December 2014

The final conference of the Rainova project will take place on 11 December 2014 from 09:15 until 13:30.

The conference venue will be the San Sebastián Aquarium,  Plaza de Carlos Blasco Imaz 1, 20003 Donostia/San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa/Basque Country. Registration of participants will commence at 09:00.

The keynote speaker will be Mr Angel Arbonies from the Arbonies Association, on the theme of “The Culture of Innovation”. The conference introduction and closing address will be made by Mr Jose Luis Fernández Maure from the Ikaslan Gipuzkoa association of public vocational and educational training centres in the Basque Country. There will also be a speech by Mr Fernando Sierra from the Euskalit organisation, which monitors and recognises excellence in innovative practice, concerning “The advantages of the Rainova Innovation Management Model for SMEs”.

In addition there will be presentations by project partners of three strategic outputs: the Rainova Innovation Management Model, Rainova Regional Innovation Observatory and Rainova Innovation Network.

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