Rainova Aquarium2

Rainova is the name of a project sponsored by the European Commission from 2012 to 2014 whose purpose was to develop an Innovation Management Model for SMEs and Learning Communities. We also created the Regional Innovation Observatories, hosted on the website of the project. With the intention of exploiting these two products, the model and observatories, we have also launched this platform. We want it to be the meeting point of the Regional Innovation Networks, which will be organized in different Working Groups according to the elements of the Rainova Innovation Management Model.

Likewise, this platform offers to the regional working groups who wish the possibility to participate in the International Innovation Network, bringing their proposals and suggestions from local,  regional or national sphere to the international arena. The language of communication of the International Network will be English, but inside the regional networks, the working groups may choose the language they like most.

Finally, note that the area of concern of the networks and working groups should focus on improving the Rainova model and its elements, fostering its ongoing updating and facilitating its implementation in SMEs and other Learning Communities.