Seventh Rainova meeting in Italy, 2–4 June 2014

Seventh Rainova meeting in Italy, 2–4 June 2014

After this meeting, the impressions and decisions of the Steering Committee were transmitted to the other members of the project, focusing mainly on a request to uplift the level of communication through to the end of the project. We also modified the previously planned agenda to introduce a small change in the order of the topics so as to address a proposal made by one of the partners.

We then reviewed a proposal for the “Sustainability and Exploitation of Rainova”, which we had already analysed in a previous meeting, although the complex character of the Rainova project generates problems in its planning and execution. We know that the ideal state would be to have an online platform to facilitate us in managing the Innovation Management Model we are designing, but on the other hand, the resources and time needed to choose this option go beyond the limits of the project, and so we need to look at some easier options.

Afterwards, we were informed about the extent of implementation of the Website and the Observatory, two of the key outcomes foreseen by Rainova. Currently the website, designed with Joomla by our partner Adastra, is almost – and, we can add, very satisfactorily – completed, apart from some last-minute tweaks and proposals.

The Observatory, which is now fully designed and technically implemented, remains to be fed with content by the other partners, uploading information concerning various aspects considered relevant when planning its design. It means that we have to upload information about regional and European news about innovation, case studies, other interesting systems of innovation, networking, events, etc.

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